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For over fifteen years, the European Hospital has dedicated special attention to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is home to the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology Unit and is fully accredited by the Lazio Region. Since 1990, more than 20,000 patients in the National Health Service have made use of its free healthcare services provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis, as well as its ultra-modern diagnostic equipment, and rapid, high quality clinical treatment and hospitalization services.

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Intensive care

Director: Dott. Mauro Falco

The Centre’s clinical activity focuses on multidisciplinary diagnosis and multimodal treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes.
The Centre studies pain and related disorders in order to provide the most effective pain and suffering relief treatments associated with the disease.

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Specialist operating units

The European Hospital S.p.A. is accredited by the National Health Service exclusively for heart surgery and interventional cardiology. It offers inpatient services for self-pay or patients with private insurance for the following specialist visits...

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Diagnostic Imaging

Director: Dott. Federico Maspes

A new Computer Tomography Unit has been set up at the European Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Service, based on the most advanced, high-performance technical solutions currently available.

The new Brilliance 64 CT Scanner produced by Philips Medical System uses a 64-row detector and is capable of simultaneously gathering high-resolution images in 0.4 seconds, 64 body slices, with a spatial resolution of 0.34 mm (gathering a Total Body scan in 6-8 seconds). It represents the latest product in recent multi-layer technology and offers excellent and stimulating opportunities for the most sophisticated clinical and diagnostic applications.

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Laboratory Analysis

Responsible: Dr.ssa Elsie Papi

The clinical analysis laboratory performs clinical diagnostic tests, microbiology, seroimmunological and enzyme immunoassay. It has cutting-edge and high precision tools for routine and more complex laboratory analysis, ensuring fast, reliable and accurate results.

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Outpatient Visits

Outpatient services are available only to self-pay patients and/or in agreement with all private medical aid companies for the following specialties...

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