The European Hospital was built with the distribution of wards over 5 floors.

It has 144 beds divided into single rooms or 2 beds room all equipped with telephone, television toilet, air conditioning and a bed for the companion;

In the department of cardiac surgery rooms are 2-3 beds, but there is also the possibility of having a single room by payment.

Each floor is equipped with co-hordination room medication storage, consumables, medical clinics, fixed equipment and specific modules provided in relation to type of support Ample parking is available on site.

In order to ensure maximum safety for our customers as the European SpA Has fully implemented the DL 81/08 and subsequent modifications by acquiring the required fire equipment and staff have attended training courses “Fire and corporate team.

Special services

The European Hospital, in order to help the patient to make a less tense passage from an initial state of well being, usually coinciding with the stay in our own homes, and the disease state aggravated by the in-hospital stay, has not only prepared specific health-care pathways but also hotel amenities that ensure confidentiality protection and security. Patients paying have a daily menu which includes a wide choice in quality, composition and caloric content

Upon request, the menu will be revised in view of the patient’s religious beliefs.

Su specifica richiesta, il menù potrà essere rivisto in considerazione del credo religioso del paziente.

Lunch is served on a tray, arranged on a table in the room and the distribution takes place according to the following schedule:

  • 08,00 - 08,30 breakfast
  • 12,30 - 13,00 lunch
  • 18,30 - 19,00 dinner

Relatives and family members of patients privately paying may dine with their joint and possibly sleep in the same room.

The payment of the service kept must be made at the office before 11.30 hours on the day of discharge.With regard to telephone calls the patient should dial the telephone No 9 to speak to the switchboard of the hospital, for local calls on grounded networks patients are allowed to access an outside line by dialing No. 0

Visiting hours

Wards for paying patients

Time of admission: free

Patients of the department of cardiovascular science

Entry of relatives is allowed in the timetable set out every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included. The timetable must be respected in the interest of the patient and for the better conduct of the work of doctors and nurses. They are allowed 1 or maximum 2 persons per patient. The entrance is ‘unsuitable for children under 13. Only for patients in first or second day after the operation is ‘admitted the presence of a person from 18 hours through the night. For special cases will be possible to obtain an authorization by the attending physician or nurse for ongoing support.

Intensive care unit

Entry to relatives is not allowed


It is allowed entry to only one family member per patient: from 13:00 to 13:45 and from 18:00 to 20:00

Information for guests and family members

Clinical information shall comply with the privacy laws.

You can talk to the Medical Director by appointment


Are called through the PBX.

Food Service

Within the Hospital a cafè service is available at the following times:

  • every day from 7 to 20.00.

During the closing time for bars a vending machine for hot and cold drinks at the bar next door is available.

Valuables and personal items

All hospital rooms are equipped with safes.

Magazines and newspapers

Inside the bar there is a shop selling newspapers and magazines Priavete Patients are delivered newspapers along with breakfast.

Barber service

Upon request to the head nurse it is possible access the service of a barber.

Religious conseling

It is prepared at the request assistance according to their religious beliefs.


The patients are asked not to move outside of their plan in a dressing gown or pajamas and keep closed the doors of the rooms.


Cars must be left in guarded parking subject to charges at the clinic site where a free shuttle service available for visitors.