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European Hospital is authorized and accredited with the National Health Service (DCA n.U00044 / 201 - DCA n. U00418 / 2015).

The European Hospital was established in 1986. The founder Prof. Raffaele Garofalo, following his great passion for surgery, started an excellent cardiac surgery activity.

The European Hospital is a highly prestigious private facility, accredited with the NHS for heart diseases, with respect to which the Institute now has a tradition of almost 40 years, with a considerable heritage of acquired scientific research.

The facility also offer private healthcare for all other surgical specialties and is renowned for its center for the treatment of infertility and assisted fertilization with modern techniques and high success rate of the procedures applied.

The fundamental policy on which European Hospital has set up its types of care and the methods of diagnosis and treatment are aimed at considering the patient / client the central element, the figure on which to make the maximum commitment of all operators converge. This can be highlighted in the structural choices: from technologies to activated specialties, to assistance paths and finally to the choice of professionals and nursing and technical staff and of the company management itself.

The European Hospital’s purpose is to protect the right to health of every citizen, also attributing to the same the power of direct control over the quality of the services provided, in terms of efficiency, personalization and effectiveness.

European Hospital is self-insured.

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European Hospital è autorizzata ed accreditata con il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (DCA n.U00044/201 - DCA n. U00418/2015). 
Il fondatore Prof. Raffaele Garofalo, seguendo la Sua grande passione per la chirurgia, diede inizio ad un'attività di cardiochirurgia di eccellenza.

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